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LABOBRATORI joins labor, obra, and obratori. It is a brand that was born with the intention of highlighting the virtues of the craft (labor), unique (obra), and workspace (obratori). LABOBRATORI developes the possibilities of the notebook as a book, through the knowledge inherited from traditional binding methods. They understand a book as a design object, functional and artistic, almost sculptural. The workplace is not just a studio or a workshop... it’s a laboratory where new projects are born.

SPRAY SPLASH. Full Print Notebooks. Spray Splash is their very first collection. The cover is offset printing with a soft-touch surface and the sides are hand-finished with spray.

BOREAL. Each notebook is unique. Some of the colours used to paint the cover are microalgae pigments derived from the research project "Ecology of colour" developed at The Royal Academy of Fine Arts (KASK), Hogent, Belgium.

Made in Spain


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