Green Papillio, Inc., the company behind the MUJINZO brand, has a concept to “enrich your life by embracing arts in everyday life.” The two artists, Yaeko Shiroshita and Seika, started the company.
They live at the base of a small mountain called Maruyama in Sapporo, Hokkaido. It is a lively area, a pleasant mix of city and nature, modern and retro, academia and freedom.

They see the natural changes of the seasons, have a great love for cute animals and beautiful plants, and look for new and old things and draw them in the pictures in our notebooks. That is what they do.
They would be glad to deliver their notebooks to people in every corner of the world with the blue skies and a cool breeze from northern Japan.

The MUJINZO brand logo has a praying mantis motif and the sickle with long front legs, making it unique. The concept of the logo is that it actively catches ideas. “MUJINZO” means “limitless” in Japanese with the silhouette of infinite in its outer frame.

Made in Japan

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