Wrapping paper jacket (Navy Blue)


This is the paper jacket of wrapping concept and different from a general paper of transparent vinyl (urethane) in quality. The jacket is not only eco-friendly but has a soft and luxurious feel. The Rapping paper sheet is a paper cover that can be combined with plain notes. The paper of the wrapping paper jacket contains cotton pulp, so the touch is soft, warm, and papery. It is characterized by a variety of colors and designs that can be picked and used according to your taste, and you can change the cover design anytime you want. A letter of one of the Trolls Paper's muses, Vincent van Gogh, to his brother Theo, is written in color to resonate with the creator.

* Wrapping paper jacket is only for plain note.

  • SIZE: 275 x 187 mm
  • MATERIAL: FSC Ecology paper with cotton pulp
  • Made in South Korea

*Please note: On a flat table, please be sure to fully know how to combine them. Due to the nature of the product, it is not intended to peeling off and repositioning.

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