Pencils - Artist Pencils - Set of 24


Just a pencil, minus the wood.

Karst made this woodless coloured pencil set to inspire your creative moments. With smooth, vibrant pigments, experience a rush of colour with every stroke. Sharpen these Artist Pencils for crisp line work or blunt them for expressive strokes and seamless blending.

Made without a wood barrel, the Artist Pencils have a full lead body, offering 5 times more usable pigment and material than any standard pencil. With a full range of colours, bring vibrancy and life to your drawings. Designed specifically for use with Karst paper, but suitable for all paper types.

The solid weight of these pencils feels luxurious in hand whether you write, scribble, doodle or draw.


Karst Pencils are made with only the good stuff & only the stuff you can actually use. So you get 5 times more pigment, and no unnecessary wood barrel.

Friction-free writing

Completely friction-free. With no grain direction in Karst stone paper, and because Karst pencils are the ideal hardness for our journals and pads, Karst Pencils simply glide across the page making shading effortless and cramp-free.

Product specifications:

  • 24 Pack
  • 2-in-1 display & storage case
  • 2B hardness
  • Length 142mm, Width 7mm
  • Pure Pigment, no wood barrel
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